Experience concierge Treatment
at MHG Cars

Experience Concierge treatment at MHG Cars.

At MHG Cars, we take buying a new car to the next level! We make owning a car an experience that extends beyond the showroom. Experience what a stable and reliable car concierge service is with MHG Cars.
Unlock magnificent lifestyle perks on our MHG Car Club, an exclusive members-only club that gives you access to premium car concierge services, turning your simple buy-and-drive-off idea of owning a car into an experience that’s nothing short of regal — even after you’ve rolled off of our showroom floor. Free upgrade the moment you buy a car.
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Talk about a lifetime as an MHG Car Member. For us, you’re not just a customer – you’re a part of our family now. Get a Lifetime after-sale service, unlock perks and exclusive deals ONLY for our members. Cars are an investment and we’re investing in a good relationship with you too!  

This is what we do at MHG Cars: we lay down the red carpet just for you.

Yes, of course! Visit MHG SHOWROOM to see our readily-availabe stock
& find out how you can DRIVE them away hassle-free!


What About Financing?

Don’t worry. We offer Various financing assistance through major banks
as well as solid in-house financing.



Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge for notification alerts on Road Tax & Warranty status

Full assistance

Full assistance on Car Servicing

Exclusive invite

Exclusive invite for latest or new Car launches

Lifestyle privileges

Lifestyle privileges

Car Care discount

Car Care & Grooming discounts

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

What are my Perks?

Your CAR purchase comes with a family-based treatment CARing service

Got Ongoing Promotions?

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