Honda Fit 1.3 Basic Facelift 2020

Honda Fit 1.3 Basic Facelift 2020

The new Honda Fit Petrol 2020 comes with an efficient new 1.3L engine. With a fuel consumption of up to 19.6km/l*, the Honda Fit Petrol is surely an economical and functionable yet stylish choice!In addition to the advantages of getting a Honda Fit Petrol, the 2020 Facelift Variant comes with good front visibility, Honda's newly launched Body Stabilising Seat for the driver, powerful and smooth driving, and convenient storage solutions! All these makes the Brand New Honda Fit Petrol 2020 Facelift model a must-have!


  • Vehicle Type


  • Engine Displacement

    1317 cc

  • Engine Configuration

    4-cylinder in-line

  • Fuel Consumption

    19.6 km/L

  • Warranty

    10 years/260,000km and Free Servicing Package

  • Fuel Type


  • Fuel Tank Capacity

    40 L

  • Dimension (L x W x H)

    (3995 x 1695 x 1515) mm

  • Transmission Type

    CVT Automatic

Why Choose the Honda Fit? 

● One of the most affordable car in the market
● Style
● Versatility
● Spacious Boot
● Magic Seat
● Low Maintenance Costs
● Good Fuel Efficiency
● Lower Price Point

Why Choose the Honda Fit 2020? 

● Good Front Visibility
● Honda’s newly launched Body Stabilising Seat for the driver
● Powerful and Smooth driving
● Convenient Storage Solutions


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